I am Laura Garello, the creative, maybe I'm even a little crazy! I trained in a fashion school in Alba, in the heart of the Langhe, where I attended a course to learn the art of fabric fantasy design; this scholastic path led me to my first work experience.

Drawing continues to be one of my greatest passions and the ability to create illustrations of ours scarf it was a wonderful adventure. I am impulsive, when an idea comes to me, I leave like a train and it is difficult to be able to stop!


 I am Daniela, the middle sister between Laura and Marco, who is the youngest of the three.

I attended the high school and the teacher air has never left me, so I admit it, my brothers are right to make fun of me !! I take care of the relationship with our dealers, I am very practical, I have a good dexterity and I love creating ours necklaces.

I'm dynamic but calm, very diplomatic ... that's why I get along well with my sister !! I am a cautious person and I love to weigh all the choices.


 I am Giulio, Laura's husband, I would say "the pragmatist”.

I am a concrete and ambitious person, I am never satisfied! I keep track of everything and I like to work with order and method. I take care of the commercial part given my consolidated expertise in the sector; I'm a mediator, but they also say “a big pain in the ass” !! After all .. someone has to do it, right ?? !!