The Founders

The “La Tilde” project was born thanks to the experience and genius of Laura and Daniela Garello. Two sisters with different professional backgrounds and sensibilities united by three great passions: vintage, fashion, and the urge to move.


The Project

La Tilde was founded in 2009 in Alba, in the heart of the Langhe, where the rural culture teaches us "do not throw anything away, because everything can be useful." Small forgotten objects, beautiful in their simplicity and essence, unearthed in the markets and the brocantage stalls across Europe, vintage, but often very old, they are combined with style and elegance, to come back to life with a new look and romantic charm. Unique and handmade accessories, 100% made in Italy. Jewels that live and tell about themselves, bringing a message that speaks to the heart of one who approaches it, draws on the strength of memories and delights with the magic of its history.

The Mission

La Tilde was born and keeps growing with a well-defined objective: creating unique and fashion accessories that can be chosen not only for their aesthetic beauty or for trendy, but also for their soul, their story and their power to excite.